Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is another integral part of any SEO campaign. You don’t have to give it a second thought as you’ve stepped into the vicinity of digital service providers who’re anomalies in their fields. It’s a subject that requires meticulous professionalism, and this is what we guarantee here at our SEO technical agency. Our Technical SEO services are not just easy to understand, but we take pride in conveying seemingly complicated and intricate concepts to our clients in relatively simpler terms.

 Do you find the technicalities of any project repulsive to you?

 Are you searching for an agency that can handle all of it for you?

 Then you surely are at the right spot because we’ll take care of everything that goes around here in the technical part. Below here, we’ve broken our process into steps so anyone can entirely absorb the idea. Credibility is the factor that we unanimously stand for at SEORankBest regarding our Technical SEO services.

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Why You Need a Technical SEO Services?

SEO is a thorough subject, and you’re supposed to check each box before your website shows any results. And to be honest, you can’t handle it yourself. There definitely are some parameters in SEO that even a naïve person with slight training in that particular field can execute, but, in this case, it’s entirely different. You need years of experience to translate the metrics and suggest strategies to cover up the mess. That’s why we entice you to utilize our Technical SEO services.

Our Technical SEO Implementations

Running a Crawl Error Report

This long has been the reason for the masses to jump on to another website. All the work you’ve done is of no use if Google fails to read it. All the information you publish and the value you’ve been determined to add will land in a failure pit if you’re non-serious about this specific aspect.

In this segment of our Technical SEO services, we ensure that the links on your website are functional and readable by the algorithms of Google. This is, most of the time, the very first step to kick off the campaign. Our panelists at SEORankBest take this into account and optimize these pages, so the crawling paces up without any error.

Optimize the Robots.txt and XML SiteMap

After the crawling is done, the next step that we undergo is optimizing Robots.txt and XML sitemap. This is where we list all of the website’s URLs in sort of a map, more of a list, though. This list is then integrated with the search engines to make sure that each link is not only readable, but the ultimate objective is to optimize this map and specify what pages to index and what to not.

This may confuse you; we’ll suggest you not to fuss over it for nothing. It’s our job to get it done for your website.

Page Speed Optimization

You know that one golden rule, literally applies to any website in the world, users/readers never wait for the things to open. They are always more likely to click on another tab and skim through what they’re offering instead. This is directly detrimental to your SEO because that’s what makes you lose your potential customers. You lost the chance to convert them. You won’t attract them unless you offer something one step higher (Quality/Quantity-wise) than your competitors.

Remember where this all started from? You are too slow! Pace it up in order to retain your readers.

Google Analytics & Search Console Integeration

How are you supposed to introduce changes in what you offer if you’ve no idea how your prospects respond to your website? This all comes down to you integrating your website with the analytics to analyze what pages are doing just fine and where you still need to invest some effort to make it flourish in the long run. These practices are facilitated by our integration of Google Analytics and Search Console. This sets us in a position to figure out the pitfalls and the possible loopholes that we otherwise might have turned a blind eye to.

We strongly recommend you try our Technical SEO services; you’d never need any other optimizer since then. This is what we guarantee on our end.


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What Technical SEO services?

Even a non-technical person can plug in the keywords to cover the non-tech area of an SEO campaign. But as far as the technical part is concerned, it’s quite a job to figure out the technical flaws and then to come up with the solution to fix them up. This majorly includes optimizing the speed of the page being loaded, crawling error, or a potential error in the integration of Google analytics and search console.

How much does Technical SEO cost?

The prices vary as per the work required on your end. This is why a single-fits-all option wouldn’t work. It basically can only be accessed once we audit your website and figure out what needs to be fixed or rectified. You can avail of our Website Audit services as well; we offer a complete package here at our Technical SEO agency.

Otherwise, our tech services will cost you around 150$.

What’s included in our technical SEO services?

All the possible parameters that fall under the umbrella of technicalities are executed here in this segment of the services we provide. Come up with anything we’ve it here at SEORankBest; just to further familiarize yourself with the exact options, here goes the list,

1. Accessing the crawling report

2. Indexing the web pages

3. Optimize the pages individually

4. Translating the intricate metrics on Google analytics

We also ensure that your business appears in local searches not only on desktops, but also on mobile devices and tablets. Our goal is to earn outstanding listings on top of your local traffic competitors.